Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is titled, chipmunk craziness! And no, this isn't the secret project. At all. Enjoy!
videoI'm sorry if this is too crazy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Animal part 3

Well, here is the rest of the story. And the results from the contest are in! I didn't make it. But one boy won. In every category. I smell a bribe.

Golden tan ears pierced his head and a tan tail sprouted behind.( Note: that is just like how I look, except they are colored orange and black. His claws shot out silently. I did the same. He was a lion, and he was in my territory.
I sprung at him with enough strength to flatten a sumo wrestler. He was fast, though, and avoided the blow. I landed and wheeled around to meet his incoming clawed fist. This time I dodged, and he barreled into a poor tree. I roared, and charged with all my might.
The force of my assault carried us through several oaks, making audible crunches that could be heard for miles. We landed on the ground and I swung a paw/hand at him. I connected, and his neck cracked. I thought he was done for.
A kick exploded into my gut. I felt as if I had been hit by a car. and I flew 15 feet into the air and landed on a tree limb. The blow had fatally weakened me and I couldn’t stand. The boy appeared next to me. He raised a clawed hand to my throat. I braced myself for death. Instead of killing me, the boy pounded my face. I guess he wanted to play with me before eating.
I plummeted to the ground, and realized I had one chance to save my life, and it was dire. When he landed by me and aimed his final blow, I did something so animal that even I didn’t ever want to do.
I bit him.
His hand crunched and broke, causing pain and sure detriment, but I knew it wasn’t fatal. I released and fled. As I left the forest, I heard a blood-curdling roar of pain erupt from somewhere beyond the trees. And I knew he wouldn’t come back.

Well thanks for the support! And sorry for not posting lately. I'm working on a secret project for the blog.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for...

Today is Thanksgiving! The football, family, and parades are all great. And oh, the fooood! This is a great day for men everywhere, when you get to gorge yourself until the stomach overflows and then fall asleep.
But we all need to be thankful for something. So I am going to list 5 things tat are thank-worthy.

1.Tostino's pizza rolls. These are my favorite foods of all time. My choice dinner? 20 of these little tarts of tasty goodness. For me, a pizza roll symbolizes all that is good and pure in this world. *Sniff* I'm sorry. I promised I wouldn't cry.
2. Little Big Planet. I am totally obsessed with this game. It is awesome! Basically you get to make your own great levels and publish them on the PS3 internet. And you can play others and rate them. (But sadly, my level TANK, had 17 views and was rated easy, ugly, and rubbish). But it is fun and time consuming anyway.
3. The internet. I'm blogging, aren't I?
4. The word spree!
5. A1 sauce. I don't like bland meats, and I will have a bottle in each pocket for the turkey. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Time for an art gallery! I made this series of pictures on MS paint. It's called Blockman.And I decided to put it on my blog. So here are my first three.

They are awesome! I will post more soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Animal part 2

Here it is! Part two.

P.S I am entering this in a contest.

It was a Saturday morning in April. It rained last night and the roads smelled like dead earthworms. It was early morning, and the landscape was dyed blue by the clouds. I felt the ears pierce from my head as I switched. A tail sprang out of my jeans and my claws unsheathed. A normal human couldn’t understand how it felt. It was sort of like the atmosphere changed.
I immediately smelled something in my forest. A large mammal, possibly juvenile. I decided to investigate. What I found wasn’t an elk or a deer.
It was a boy.
A short, lean little blond who looked 10 or 11 stood in a clearing. I crouched in the bushes, impossible to see. The boy’s hair was shaggy and unkempt, and it grew down to his eyebrows. His clothes were ragged and filthy. He looked just like someone who had lived on their own in the wild for a while.
And the little human kid, the innocent pre-teen, was staring directly at me.
It wasn’t possible, it is just a coincidence, I told myself. But I could tell he knew I was there. I knew I hadn’t made noise, and I was hidden by weeds. But he kept on staring, his eyes goring deep holes in my flesh. He crouched, his legs coiled like springs about to stretch. A low growl tore from his lips and traveled to my highly trained ears. That was unusual enough. Unusual until he shifted.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My awesome suspense story

Bum bum bum bum! I have decided to post a story that I am working on for honors language. But I'm not letting you see it all at once. I'm so evil. MUHUHAHAHA!

A short story by Ethan Hallstrom

I was sitting in the living room, practicing my favorite pastime. Lazyness, I glanced down at my watch anxiously. Yes, it was finally time.
I started down towards the door while the sun glimmered down through the glass windows. A beautiful day for “exercise.” And just as I opened the door, Liz, my 16-year-old sister, caught up with me. She threw her raven black hair, just like everyone else’s in the family, and leaned on the door.
“Where to, little brother?” Liz asked nonchalantly.
“The woods,” I replied. No lies there.
“Let me guess, exercise?”
“Yep. You know me so well.”
“Okay, as long as you stay safe,” she replied. I chuckled under my breath. She didn’t have a clue.

I blazed though the woods. Everything blurred past, but my eyes had no problem. Even at impossible speeds, my senses worked as well as if I was strolling across the park. I jumped up to a tree branch, gripping it with my fingers. I willed my claws to come out. They did, and quick as a blink, I was jumping to another branch, 5 yards away. With my claws out, I simply gored into the wood and hung there.
I began to climb.
20 seconds later, I was at the top of the huge oak tree. I settled down on the top branch. I looked at my hands in redundant awe. I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have this power. I felt like I could rip down this tree. I probably could. I mean, nothing is impossible for a half tiger.
I gazed down upon the Montana forest. Nobody ever came to this spot, and nobody but me ever will. I was happy with that little thought, that little reassurance that I wasn’t going to be discovered, and thrown into a medical research center somewhere.
Well, until I was proven wrong.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Please see = P.S

    I beg of you, please check out my post, Champion!, and comment! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Response to your comments

I was going to call this, "My comments about your comments." But I remembered Andrew's blog. So I'm going with plain old "Response To Your Comments."
I just came home from school. I decided to check my blog, because my mom told me she had posted a link to it on her, ahem, "noticed" blog. I scrolled down, and the number 5 jumped out at my face and kicked my skull in. Holy moose with a mangled mammoth! That was a lot of comments!
But the point of this post is to respond to some of your comments.

Thank you for that well written comment. And I have an answer to that question about my parents influencing my opinions. The answer is a resounding, kinda. I actually liked him second to Romney, and then he dropped out. So I liked Obama. I didn't know much though.
That is where my parents come in. They answered all of my questions, with more or less enthusiasm. And that kind of bolstered my interests.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't hate Mccain. I don't hate Palin. Well, I strongly dislike her, but that's not the point. I actually am (don't take this too seriously, I'm only 12) more Republic than Democrat. i just think that Obama is what this country needs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I witnessed history. Tuesday, November fourth, 2008 I saw Obama win the presidential election. I supported with him the whole time. That's really saying something, considering that none of my friends liked him.
But, the next day was horrible. HORRIBLE. I got to school, and was immediatly asked if I liked him. Upon answering, I was bombarded with false prejudices. The rest of the day sounded like this.
"He is gonna kill us all."
" Because of his 85% tax cuts, I won't get a vacation for 5 years."
" He lived in Indonesia, so he is a terrorist."
"Barack Obama plans to raise school hours to 9, and we will also have schools on Saturdays,"
"He has terrorist contacts."
"He killed a 7 year old girl."
"My dad says that we might not have enough money to live in America now that he is elected."

All of these are so INFURIATING!!!!!!!! And none of these are true. Listen to the last one. The key word is dad. The parents are telling them all this. Why? Give Obama a chance. He hasn't done anything. And the tax cuts? Only 35%. If you make more that 250,000 a year. That won't really affect you.
So, if liking Obama makes me, I quote, either evil or retarted (pardon my language, it was a quote) then, sobeit. He is good for this country, and we'll all see that later.
Enough of my ranting, so see ya later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Awesomness Video game review: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008

Awesomness game review: Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter is an addicting game. Fun and time-consuming. But it has its glitches.

Gameplay: 8

The game is really interactive, and I love trying out new guns! The game is fun to catch, and its not too easy. But sometimes it can be difficult. The character prefers to walk. Slowly. At 1 mile per hour. No matter what. That is very frustrating. Especially because the game has you walking all over a giant map to get permission from people to hunt certain animals.Though there is one thing I love about this game.

The trophy hunts.

At the end of each career hunt level, there is a giant animal. Either a ten-pointer mule deer or a jaguar, they are so fun to track down!

Graphics: 10

If you've played a Cablela's game at the arcade, you know how awesome these graphics are.

Side note: The animals don't act like animals alot of the time. I once had an African dik-dik sit right in front of me, not 6 inches away. And fall asleep. he is so lucky I didn't have the necessary tags to shoot him.

Overall Awesomness: 9

I seriously recommend this game. At least rent it. I have had it for 2 days now, and I have already spent around 7 hours on it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dream Madlib Madlib - From Brain of Brian

Dream Madlib Madlib - From Brain of Brian: "Dream
As heard by Brian

I had this totally Phat dream last night! I was sitting on a juice and it started to fart sloggily. I didn't know what to do so I started slurping interactively. Then suddenly it pooted and I turned into a phlegm! I was so fergilicous that I skiped to my lou my DARLIN! to the Mr.Texas down the street. When I got there, I found a flubber flushing half-heartedly which made me want to snack. Well, I must have been flip-flopping for at least 0.00000000000000012 minutes when you came up to me, looking rather constipated, and said, 'Doh flaklesnackle!' And then you started giving birth on my face! Just then I woke to find that it wasn't you doing it but my hippopotamus instead!"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The champion!

I have a contest on my blog every once and a while called the animal tournament. This month, we will be focusing on the animals that should be fighting. Comment on which animal you think should enter, and they will fight another. Then I will do the preliminaries. Then comes the semi- finals, then the finals. Then I will crown the winner!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My random dream.

I have been having strange dreams lately. Most of them are fine, but some are nightmares. But this is the most random dream I have had in my life! I had milk duds before bed, hmmm.

Ok, so it starts out with me and my family in the middle of a room. It kind of looks like the general conference area, but nobody's in it. Jonas looks around calmly, the suddenly blurts out something like a resounding, GLABLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRG!!! and runs screaming toward the wall. Right as he gets there, a 2 foot man drops onto his head and starts chewing on him. Jonas is freaking out, and I say something like, "Why aren't we helping him?" Mom just replies, "It's okay, that's just the Kit-Kat enforcer."

This is the nightmare part of the dream.I forget what happens in between, but I remember being in the middle of the ocean. Sharks( my worst fear) are circling me. They are kind of roaring in the water. Just as the biggest one is charging at me, the other sharks start swimming away. They looked scared. The charging shark then swims away. I thought I was safe, but a giant shadow loomed in the water, about 50 yards away. It headed towards me. It looked like a 500 foot long snake, 10 feet down. It charged at me. Right then, I woke up. Or at least, I thought I did.

You see, my mind was clever enough to make myself dream I woke up, and I believed I had woken up. So I got out of bed to get dressed, and when I opened up my closet, the weirdest thing in my dreaming life happened. A hobo was in my closet, but he was no ordinary hobo. He had Heely's on his hands, and was holding one of the two-sided bazookas. And he was shewing on a calculator.He wheezed at me, "Happy Artichoke day!" Then I woke up for real. End of dream.

Friday, September 26, 2008

101 Facts you need to know

1. Arnold Shwartzeneiger (did I spell that right?) is a direct relative of the crustacean. How do you think he can have that deep accent, AND govern California? Only crustaceans can do that.

2. Rascal is snobbish and prefers Johnny Dep over onion rings.

56. Bricks are made of remnants of the cremated body of Elvis Presley. Yes, all bricks.

89.75410 Pencils can speak Japanese.

101. You wasted your time reading this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My catch phrase... OF AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!

I have a catch phrase. Catch phrases come in handy, and they can make you well known. So, naturally, I have a catch phrase. Because I'm awesome. And that's my catch phrase. Awesome,awesomeness,awesomer,awesomeee,and awesortyoldflighert. Ok, I don't use that last one. Mainly because I can't remember how to spell it. But this is one word that comes in handy. Like when I describe assorted meats. Or Madden.Or the letter W. Anyway, awesomeness to you all!

Hello,hi,howdy,greetings,hola,aloha,gesundheit,croisant,cheerio and all that.

Hello! This is the first blog post of many. I had a former blog, but it wasn't doing too hot, so I wanted to start fresh. I was kind of lazy, and didn't post much. But I will post more on this one. I will have many interesting, awesome things, like stories from my life, Madden scores, and much, much more. Be on the lookout for polls and games. Oh, and tell your friends about this blog, too. I really want it to become popular. Well, laterz!