Friday, September 26, 2008

101 Facts you need to know

1. Arnold Shwartzeneiger (did I spell that right?) is a direct relative of the crustacean. How do you think he can have that deep accent, AND govern California? Only crustaceans can do that.

2. Rascal is snobbish and prefers Johnny Dep over onion rings.

56. Bricks are made of remnants of the cremated body of Elvis Presley. Yes, all bricks.

89.75410 Pencils can speak Japanese.

101. You wasted your time reading this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My catch phrase... OF AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!

I have a catch phrase. Catch phrases come in handy, and they can make you well known. So, naturally, I have a catch phrase. Because I'm awesome. And that's my catch phrase. Awesome,awesomeness,awesomer,awesomeee,and awesortyoldflighert. Ok, I don't use that last one. Mainly because I can't remember how to spell it. But this is one word that comes in handy. Like when I describe assorted meats. Or Madden.Or the letter W. Anyway, awesomeness to you all!

Hello,hi,howdy,greetings,hola,aloha,gesundheit,croisant,cheerio and all that.

Hello! This is the first blog post of many. I had a former blog, but it wasn't doing too hot, so I wanted to start fresh. I was kind of lazy, and didn't post much. But I will post more on this one. I will have many interesting, awesome things, like stories from my life, Madden scores, and much, much more. Be on the lookout for polls and games. Oh, and tell your friends about this blog, too. I really want it to become popular. Well, laterz!