Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Awesomness Video game review: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008

Awesomness game review: Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter is an addicting game. Fun and time-consuming. But it has its glitches.

Gameplay: 8

The game is really interactive, and I love trying out new guns! The game is fun to catch, and its not too easy. But sometimes it can be difficult. The character prefers to walk. Slowly. At 1 mile per hour. No matter what. That is very frustrating. Especially because the game has you walking all over a giant map to get permission from people to hunt certain animals.Though there is one thing I love about this game.

The trophy hunts.

At the end of each career hunt level, there is a giant animal. Either a ten-pointer mule deer or a jaguar, they are so fun to track down!

Graphics: 10

If you've played a Cablela's game at the arcade, you know how awesome these graphics are.

Side note: The animals don't act like animals alot of the time. I once had an African dik-dik sit right in front of me, not 6 inches away. And fall asleep. he is so lucky I didn't have the necessary tags to shoot him.

Overall Awesomness: 9

I seriously recommend this game. At least rent it. I have had it for 2 days now, and I have already spent around 7 hours on it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dream Madlib Madlib - From Brain of Brian

Dream Madlib Madlib - From Brain of Brian: "Dream
As heard by Brian

I had this totally Phat dream last night! I was sitting on a juice and it started to fart sloggily. I didn't know what to do so I started slurping interactively. Then suddenly it pooted and I turned into a phlegm! I was so fergilicous that I skiped to my lou my DARLIN! to the Mr.Texas down the street. When I got there, I found a flubber flushing half-heartedly which made me want to snack. Well, I must have been flip-flopping for at least 0.00000000000000012 minutes when you came up to me, looking rather constipated, and said, 'Doh flaklesnackle!' And then you started giving birth on my face! Just then I woke to find that it wasn't you doing it but my hippopotamus instead!"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The champion!

I have a contest on my blog every once and a while called the animal tournament. This month, we will be focusing on the animals that should be fighting. Comment on which animal you think should enter, and they will fight another. Then I will do the preliminaries. Then comes the semi- finals, then the finals. Then I will crown the winner!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My random dream.

I have been having strange dreams lately. Most of them are fine, but some are nightmares. But this is the most random dream I have had in my life! I had milk duds before bed, hmmm.

Ok, so it starts out with me and my family in the middle of a room. It kind of looks like the general conference area, but nobody's in it. Jonas looks around calmly, the suddenly blurts out something like a resounding, GLABLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRG!!! and runs screaming toward the wall. Right as he gets there, a 2 foot man drops onto his head and starts chewing on him. Jonas is freaking out, and I say something like, "Why aren't we helping him?" Mom just replies, "It's okay, that's just the Kit-Kat enforcer."

This is the nightmare part of the dream.I forget what happens in between, but I remember being in the middle of the ocean. Sharks( my worst fear) are circling me. They are kind of roaring in the water. Just as the biggest one is charging at me, the other sharks start swimming away. They looked scared. The charging shark then swims away. I thought I was safe, but a giant shadow loomed in the water, about 50 yards away. It headed towards me. It looked like a 500 foot long snake, 10 feet down. It charged at me. Right then, I woke up. Or at least, I thought I did.

You see, my mind was clever enough to make myself dream I woke up, and I believed I had woken up. So I got out of bed to get dressed, and when I opened up my closet, the weirdest thing in my dreaming life happened. A hobo was in my closet, but he was no ordinary hobo. He had Heely's on his hands, and was holding one of the two-sided bazookas. And he was shewing on a calculator.He wheezed at me, "Happy Artichoke day!" Then I woke up for real. End of dream.