Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Search For: The Florida Skunk Ape

There are a couple things I need to clear up.
1. At the end, I accidentaly zoomed in too far, and the thing's heads are cut out.(You'll know what I'm talking about when you watch the end). The tops of their heads are supposed to be exposed brains. Don't worry, I'll put them in more movies.
2. The skunk ape is only seen once, unfortunately. It is orange, and has small pads on its chest.
This one is the best episode yet. Better acting, better filming. Enjoy and stay tuned for episode 4, Search For The Loch Ness Monster!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Search For The Yeti

Episode 2 in the "Search For" series. This one is about me going to the Himalayas in Asia, getting ready to study a Yeti. But the Yeti escapes, and it's up to me to track him down. See last post for episode 1 .

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bigfoot movie

This is NOT the secret project. This is just an idea I had, that turned into a series. This is about me, as a 25 year old, looking for bigfoot. But it evolved into a race against a new threat. Episode 2, Yetis in the Himalayas, is underway. And sorry about the quality. Look hard.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blast to the future!

I was laying down in my bed last night, wide awake at 11:45. I go to bed at 9:30, but this is a common occurance for me. Anyway, while I was having insomnia, I had a premonition about my future! I decided to write it in here.
ME: I live in San Fransisco, in an average old two story house. I live there because I was hired by the famous San Fransisco zoo as a director of enrichment. Basically, I think of ways that the animals can get mental and physical exercise, like puzzle boxes with food in it for monkeys, or hidden pinatas with meats in them that make prey noises for the large carnivores to gruesomely devour, hehehehehe. Anyway, I have a wife and three kids, two boys and one girl. Their names are Ryan, 10; Lucy, 8; and Adam, 5. That was in age order. Ryan likes Star wars, which is still around in 2029, and madden 30. Adam likes science, even though he's 5, and doesn't know much about it. I found out that he snuck in his custom built ant farm, where he wrote crude little "notes" about them. He has a table in his room where he plays scientist, called the (in his pronounciation) the 'speariment table. And Lucy likes art, of any kind. She's pretty good, too.

JONAS: He lives in Orlando, where he works as an Aerospace engineer for NASA. He's loaded, that's all I can say. Hey, if you invented a new solar leer jet, you'd be pretty darn wealthy too.

ELISE: She lives in upper Utah, on a ranch. Her husband, Aaron, owns the ranch, lucky for Elise, who loves horses. Elise works as a chef for an Italian restaurant. She has 5 kids, Harry, Larry, Mary, Karie, and Fred.

So, yeah. I saw the future.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Star wars: my version

This is NOT the secret project. But there won't me any more of these kind of videos. The program that makes these won't work with my nice camera, and my old one won't plug into my computer for some reason. The only reason this worked was because I had already saved it. So, I can't make any more. Well, enjoy the awesomeness.