Monday, February 9, 2009

The galaxy zoo

Hey! Guess what I got us! Tickets to the new Intergalactic zoo at the spore universe! The creatures were made by me, and they only have one exhibit open. It has 4 animals.
How do you get there? Just press the little sticker on the ticket. Here you go!

Hello. I am Gnarbly, the pseudopodler. I will be your host this evening. We have 4 new exiting exhibits, and I will tell you about the exotic animals. Any questions? Good. Ok, here's the first one.

Ohh, nasty little creature, that is.It's called the Deathraptor. See its huge toe claws? Can rip open solid rock. The only known creature that can take down an Elebull, which we will see soon. it can jump 20 feet, and move at speed of 9933 quals, or 80 human miles an hour. And smarter than an average Earthchimp. They give me the jibblies. Oooohohoh.

That is a Peroxian Sharkoid. A form of the Great white, 100 of them were mutated, and sent to Peroxia, where 75 of them escaped into the Galaria ocean. The evolved spiky fins right behind their mouths which are used for wounding and stunning prey. Ouch. oh, and the one we're looking at is only 23 feet long. they can grow to over 45 feet long.

This one's my favorite! It's called the Elebull. I mentioned it before, and said that the Deathraptor is its only known predator. And it takes 6 or 7 of them to do it. the Elebull is peaceful, and intelligent, and weighs 7 to 8 tons, making it bigger than an average elephant. It reaches 18 feet tall at the shoulder, but sometimes their pituary gland malfunctions due to testosterone levels in the blood, and they mutate to 30 foot giants!

That is the akward, but funny, Pooka bird! They feed on the pooka friut and the Pooka fruit ONLY. The pink fruit gives them this color, and they are gray-brown at birth. The largest bird that can fly, but it still falls victim to the high leaping Deathraptor. ah, well, it's not like there's a shortage! There are 7 species, and around 9 million of each left on the planet. not going extinct soon.

That concludes the tour! Bye!

You're back? How was the stay? Good. oh, and guess what? they're building a new exhibit called Wonders of the Ice Planet! You sohuld see it sometime.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Updates and Spring in February

Hey! It's me again. I haven't posted in a while, see why on number 2, and I wanted to give some updates on my life.
1. Snowboarding. I've learned to snowboard.
I got involved in a program called snowblitz at school, where every day at 2:45, an awesome bus with tv's and cushy seats takes you to Brighton with other people that signed up (including my three good friends, Alec, Josh, and Jason). And you get lessons on snowboarding or skiing. But on my last day when Mom brought my stuff to school...

2.I saw my mom in the parking lot, and went over to her. Previously, my computer had been having virus issues, and we didn't know what to do. It made pop-ups appear rapidly, even if you're not on the internet. I was using MS paint, and it said I was the millionth visitor. Anyway, my Mom informed me that she got me a whole new computer! It's a Vista, which isn't as crappy as everyone says.

3. Bad news. You know those episodes I've been doing on zoo Tycoon 2? Well, not anymore. that virus came from an animal download for my next episode, and I didn't want that to happen again. Sorry.
4. This one's good! I got this game demo for my computer called the spore creature creator, which lets you make animals of your own. IT'S AWESOME! Once I figure out how to show you my creatures, I will. And the actual game, plain Spore, is even better. You start out as a germ, getting bigger and either eating plants or smaller germs, or both. You add cooler and cooler parts on your germ, and suddenly you can move super fast or shock things.
Then you go to land, and develop a creature and let it be an omnivore, predator, or herbivore. that animal can make friends, and hunt enemies.
Once your creature has evolved enough, you get to start a primitive tribe, with custom-made instrument, weapons, huts, and primitive vehicles. That YOU invent
Once you defeat all neighboring tribes, you can start advancing. You can make tanks, blimps, planes, all by you. And weapons. And money, buildings, blah kind of like how we are today.
Then future stage. You make a spaceship and bring life to desolate planets, or kill enemies. At the end of the game, your species has taken over the galaxy.
5. Finally, my last one. Saturday's weather was awesome! I went outside to play baseball, and I had to take off my jacket. It's the first time it's been so warm all year. It got me excited for my baseball season.
Well, that's all.