Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick update...

Hey, it's me! Just so you know, my last post (see below plz) didn't show up on my mom's blog. So if you haven't seen it, see it now. If you don't I will hunt you down and eat your lawn. Anyway, it says on my mom's blog that I was going to make a movie with those fangs I got for Halloween. Will it won't happen now. You know why??? Cause I am the stupidest person on the planet. I had them in my pocket, and my friend tackled me somewhere in a giant grass area by our house, and now they're gone. Forever. Sorry.
But I am working on the script for the next Y2k movie. Sorry it's been so long, but it took a while for me to get a new cord so I could use my better camera. And I just like to procrastinate. But here is a sample to whet your appetites.

Just so you know, this will NOT be in the actual movie, this is more of a demo. The movie will have a script, and some sound effects and music. But it will have me, Elise, Joe, and yet another harvester to try and take our powers. I'll give you a little sneak peek here...




A fight scene. Oh yeah!!!

Now other news. I made this on youtube, and I'm giving you the link so you can see the amount of views it got. It is amazing.

And another anouncement. I am entering 3 animation contests on youtube. The first one I am sending in my pivot video, Assassin, from the latest post. Its deadline is on the 7th of December. The second is a lot more important, so I am working very hard on a pivot that will be a prequel to assassin, and a lot better looking and more fluid. That deadline is on November 23rd. And the third, I am letting you guys vote on what I should enter. See me last post, watch the vids, and leave a comment. I'll post the highest voted on one. But you only have till the 20th, 3 days before the contest ends.

Finlly, my last announcement. Me and my dad are going to Minnesota to hunt pheasants. I'll bring my camera, hint hint.

So, that was a long post. I think I'll go eat 2 pounds of ham.