Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm a disappointed whiner

This week was really disappointing for me, movie-wise. For one thing, me and 5 of my friends were going to get together and film a really awesome movie called Cast Iron in this field I have by my house yesterday. It started out last week when my friend Clay took me there to make some smoke bombs and I realized that "hey, this place would be GREAT for some sort of army film." So I spent all week at school with these crazy awesome little ideas buzzing around my head like aggravated gnats and slowly formed into the screenplay. You probably still have no idea how excited I was to film this. I was going to use the song "Supermassive Black Holes" by Muse for the trailer. It was to have a funny ending. A bazooka would ricochet off of an attacking robot for Pete's sake! And then. It. SNOWED. It snowed hard and long and stupidly. I've never been so mad to see that fluffy white stuff ever. So now it's delayed.
So that same day I filmed a funny movie to put here just for you guys to make up for the temporary loss. But when I decided to put it on, I discovered my camera had run out of batteries. So I looked around for my charger for a while, and eventually found it. But then I had to eat dinner. AND THEN I FORGOT!!! And now it's half past ocho and I can't. So I'm mopey. Sorry I put you through that. Now for something happy.


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EC said...

Oh Ethan, Youll have more chances for videos so good luck!